04 Nov

Protect From Freeze Statement

Enterprise Specialty Products manufactures a variety of water-based antifoam and defoaming agents that will freeze in temperatures of or below 32°F. These “protect from freeze” products will only ship as listed below based on transit time: One-day shipments - Monday-Thursday Two-day shipment - Monday-Wednesday Three or more days - Monday & Tuesday Freight companies will institute a shipping embargo for products that will freeze when...

30 Sep

The Riff

On September 7, Enterprise Specialty Products dedicated our newly renovated corporate office building in the honor of Ray Freeman Patton, Jr. Ray founded Enterprise Specialty Products in September of 2003 as an upstart antifoam & defoamer manufacturer. Through his hard work and visionary approach, ESP has developed into a dynamic and innovative force in the marketplace. Ray served as Secretary/Treasurer for ESP while managing and...

05 May

Recovery in Manufacturing Activity Drives the Global Defoamers Market

  Defoamers, also known as anti-foaming agents, are chemical agents that inhibit foam build. End-use sectors which utilize defoamers include oil and gas, paints and coatings, automotive, mining, paper and pulp, printing inks, and laundry detergents industries. Besides, defoamers are also used in dishwashing detergents, petroleum/petrochemical processing, paper recycling, waste disposal and processing, and cleaning processes such as metal-cleaning, recycle-plastic cleaning and printed-circuit board cleaning....

12 Nov

ESP new trademark, Foam-A-Tac.

Dear Valued Customer,   Enterprise Specialty Products, Inc. is very pleased and excited to announce that effective November 1, 2013 we are formally implementing our new trademark,Foam-A-Tac, for our foam control additives.  Since ESP’s inception, we have simply referred to our antifoam additives under the “FC” designation.  Moving forward, Foam-A-Tac will be the tradename for all foam control products we manufacture.  We will begin using...

07 Aug

Foam Control for Biological Based Forms

Defoamers are surface active agents that are added to a system or process to control or eliminate the foam. Within the defoamer industry, there is no single accepted defoaming mechanism, but rather a compilation of several adopted methods. It is best to first review a brief description on foam creation and stabilization in biological wastewater treatment systems: 1. Foam is the result of contamination of...

03 Jun

What Does Good Customer Service Look Like?

Why does Customer Service play such an important role in a business & what does good customer service look like? Those are two very hard questions to delve into, but two very important ones. So important that Randal Bullard author of “Why is Quality in Customer Service Important” puts it this way, “Quality customer service is a vital ingredient in a company’s ability to maintain...