ESP new trademark, Foam-A-Tac.

Dear Valued Customer,


Enterprise Specialty Products, Inc. is very pleased and excited to announce that effective November 1, 2013 we are formally implementing our new trademark,Foam-A-Tac, for our foam control additives.  Since ESP’s inception, we have simply referred to our antifoam additives under the “FC” designation.  Moving forward, Foam-A-Tac will be the tradename for all foam control products we manufacture.  We will begin using the Foam-A-Tac nomenclature for all correspondence beginning November 1 and respectfully request that you make the appropriate changes to do so also.  For example, our product designations will change as follows:

Old Nomenclature:                          New Nomenclature:

FC 231                                                               Foam-A-Tac 231


These updates are all part of the celebration of ESP’s Tenth Anniversary as a formulator and manufacturer in the specialty defoamer business.  Such advancements are just a part of the realization of ESP’s motto of “continuous improvement”, and we are even more excited about the future.  We recognize this Tenth Anniversary celebration could not be possible without you, our customers and business partners.  As such, we continue to pledge to focus on strengthening our relationships, as these are critical to the success of all our businesses.

Again, ESP thanks you for your continued support and for the opportunity to be your partner in business.  If you have any questions or need any clarification please contact your sales representative directly or Customer Service at 864-984-7700.


The management committee.

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