What our clients say about us?


It’s been a pleasure working with ESP. Inquiries regarding material availability and assistance on orders are prompt. Their customer service always helps to create instructions/guidelines for cross-border orders which was a tremendous help to our business to ensure brokers received the necessary documents so that orders would not be delayed.

It’s been a pleasure working with ESP

We highly recommend both the ESP product line, and their services!

P. M.

Enterprise Specialty Products of Laurens, SC has been one of our larger vendors since 2005. They also happen to be one of our favorite vendors, as not only the manufacturer of quality products, but they also provide us with excellent customer service.

Friendly and easy to work with, the staff at ESP ensures that our orders are processed correctly, promptly and professionally. Our varied and specific requirements are routinely delivered with satisfaction, from unique product blends and custom labeling to carrier selection and timely delivery.

We highly recommend both the ESP product line, and their services!

Fortune 500 Company

We have worked with ESP almost since the beginning and view our relationship with them as a true partnership. ESP has helped us on a number of applications for our waterborne product line, and it is always refreshing to work with a company that shares your core values regarding the importance of technical innovation, and great customer service.

ESP has great customer service!

ESP is a great company to be able to work with.


Enterprise Specialty Products is a great company to be able to work with. The customer service is top notch! I always get exactly what I need when I need it. They make the order process so easy beginning to end.

D. E.

We have been working with ESP for approximately four years and have found no other product that gives us both operational assistance and relief like the Foam-A-Tac. We rely on this product to knock filamentous back into solution and get contact with sodium hypochlorite in our aeration basin when foam is present. We have also used Foam-A-Tac in our digesters to eliminate pressure/level swings associated with digester foaming. Both the administrative and sales teams at ESP are a delight to work with and always provide quick educated responses to our needs.

Administrative and Sales teams at ESP are a delight to work with

ESP has excellent technical support

Global 500 Fortune Company

ESP is great to work with, they are very personable and knowledgeable about the defoamer products they offer. The customer service asks the right questions to ensure your order is handled correctly, promptly, and delivered to the customer. ESP has excellent technical support in understanding the correct product placement and has provided us with direct support for our customers. I look forward to a long lasting relationship with ESP and I’m sure my customers do as well.