Metalworking Fluids


Enterprise Specialty Products, Inc. (ESP) offers a variety of defoamer chemistries to meet the demands of the metalworking fluid marketplace. ESP has optimized the latest in reacted homopolymer and copolymer surfactant technologies, alkoxylated, ethoxylated, and propoxylated chemistries, and various ultra-refined hydrophobes in development of our products. These chemistries have been incorporated into unique formulations manufactured by ESP specifically to meet the requirements of each application.
Please contact your local ESP Technical Sales Representative to discuss your specific needs and which of our product(s) are the best suited. Also, ESP’s Technical Service Department is always available to work with you to evaluate defoamers for compatibility and stability in your products or concentrates and for defoaming efficiency in these products or dilutions of the concentrates. We will work with you to design an evaluation that best fits your needs and provide a formal written report documenting the work performed and the results and recommendations.

ESP Application List