Paint and Coatings


Enterprise Specialty Products, Inc. offers defoamer chemistries for use in controlling foam during production and application of a wide variety of paint and coatings products. ESP has designed foam control additives with excellent compatibility and performance in everything from the grinding of organic or inorganic pigment, to the blending of water-based alkyds, to the application of clear/OPV formulations.

We use a variety of technologies to meet the needs associated with various emulsion-based paints and coatings based on latex, PVC, styrenated acrylics, vinyl acetate co-polymers, and countless other chemistries. ESP is well-versed in use of antifoams for wood and flooring products based on polyurethanes, epoxies, acrylics, and other systems in both 100% active and emulsion form.

While focusing on the more technically demanding systems, we also manufacture highly efficient, cost-effective products for use as let-down defoamers and in traffic paints.

ESP Application List