ESP takes pride in building our business as it continues to satisfy the needs of our stockholders and customers while protecting the natural resources, environment and human life that we and our products come in contact with. This process starts in-house with our dynamic business approach coupled with our environmental health and safety standards and flows out as we augment our customers efforts with proficient support and pertinent product stewardship reinforcement.

ESP believes that its most valuable asset is the individuals who call ESP their employerFrom the outset of the business in 2004, ESP has kept the safety of its associates at the forefront of daily operations in the workplace. Rather than simply treating safety regulation as a compliance goal, ESP continually meets and exceeds the required procedures for safety in the workplace.

Safety rules and processes will eventually be forgotten or boycotted if there is not an understanding of and continuing education in potential workplace dangers and required precautionary measures. For this reason ESP is committed to fostering a culture of safety in the workplace from top management down where associates are trained to take the time to work safely.

A Culture of Safety



ESP is committed to minimizing or eliminating negative impacts on the environment. We have a strict in-house recycling and waste management policy to ensure that our waste stream is managed by only permitted personnel in a legal and environmentally conscious manner. Additionally, in the formulation of our products ESP chooses raw materials that are renewable and have minimal impact on the environment wherever possible.

ESP receives various regulatory requests from our wide customer base in various industries. Though these inquiries vary in content, the primary themes are safety to humans, and safety to the environment. ESP has a strong understanding of the chemistry behind our products as it relates to these regulations and responds to compliance questions from around the globe.

Our regulatory staff is well versed in the major food contact and foreign inventory regulations and continues to grow along with the regulated community as more legislation is passed globally.

Product Stewardship


Be sustainable, Be responsible.